Premier Prilepin's Table Calculator

Premier Prilepin's Table Calculator

Being able to sit down and put together a versatile powerlifting program is easier said than done.

Many powerlifters start with the basics and try to incorporate personalized strategies along the way. Yes, those strategies have the ability to work, but it's also important to think about using advanced methods to push forward as a lifter. Otherwise, you are going to get left behind as others rush forward with their powerlifting routines.

This is where the Prilepin's table calculator has a role to play.

This calculator helps drum together accurate calculations for how your next workouts should be structured. It's all about dividing your routine into smaller sessions based on the weight that's being lifted.

In general, the average powerlifter will look to lift heavy at the gym and will want to work on getting as many repetitions in as possible. However, this calculator sheds light on what needs to be done as you work your way towards higher highs. This means you will learn how to lift heavier by training your body over the long haul with lesser weights.

This calculator will take the data you put in and offer insight into how much should be lifted on a regular basis.

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