Reasons as for why older adults opt not to exercise

Reasons as for why older adults opt not to exercise

Reasons as for why older adults opt not to exercise

You have now reached an age where every time all you think about is staying comfortable and letting your body rest. You are aware of the benefits that come with exercising, but regardless it has become hard for you to stay active. All you do know is taking a walk once around the block once a week convincing yourself you are exercising. All that people around you are saying is “get fit”. You have tried joining fitness class under various instructors, but one thing remains, you hate the experience. The chances of you not going to these fitness classes are high. You might not have a clue as to why you feel this way but here are some of the reasons as to why this might be so.

You have become intimidated: for the case of teenagers we call it peer pressure but don’t even for once think that older people do not get scared. Older adults might end up being intimidated by their fellow participants or their trainers who seem to be exceptionally perfect. As a result, you end up hating your fitness classes and at the end drop out.

No time: many older people have been heard complaining of how difficult it is for them to go regularly in their classes. Sacrificing two or three hours every week to undertake fitness training might seem like an easy thing but wait till you stop enjoying going to these fitness classes. With such an attitude you begin putting other priorities first and put fitness as the last option on your list. As a result, you will end up looking for excuses to help convince yourself that you’re doing the right thing.

Negative attitude: for anything to succeed, even business, positive attitude is compulsory. This also applies to exercise as having a positive attitude will keep you motivated. When you have a negative opinion regarding your fitness program, you start seeing like your fellow participants are doing better than you. As a result, you push yourself and gradually become out-of-sync with your fellow members. When your instructors give instructions, you are a few steps behind or you are moving in the wrong direction. When the class ends you begin feeling discouraged and begin telling yourself you can’t go back. With such an attitude, it becomes hard for you to exercise well with your fellow participants and at the end stop taking fitness classes.

Physical limitations: physical limitations are one of the common reasons as to why many older adults opt not to exercise. Many older adults suffer from various ailments such as arthritis or diabetes, and they believe due to this illness they cannot exercise. This is not the case as you can do other exercises such as walking that does not require you to lift weights or injure your body, having physical limitations does not mean that you cannot exercise or have an active lifestyle. Even for older adults who have limited mobility or are constrained in wheelchairs, you can still exercise and live an active lifestyle. Never let anything define you or make you believe that you are too old to exercise as there is no right time to exercise.

By Barbara Ann Ailstock






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