Rotator Cuff Exercise External Shoulder Rotation

Rotator Cuff Exercise External Shoulder Rotation


Baseball: External Shoulder Rotation

 Rotator Cuff Exercise External Shoulder Rotation

External rotations can be done without a weight. Like internal rotations, doing these with a resistance band is even more beneficial because it allows for a wider range of motion.


Start by standing upright with your arm facing inward, gripping the resistance band at a cocked 90 degree angle.


A single repetition is complete by slowly pulling the band away from your torso in a controlled motion. Once the band has reached your maximum external distance, reverse the motion until you’re back to your starting point. Do this for 3-5 reps of 10.


The Purpose


External rotation, like internal rotation, is a natural occurrence when your body is going through a throwing motion, and it is easily identifiable in pitchers. You can see the point of external rotation the second a pitcher’s front foot lands and they begin their throwing motion. The elbow will be completely hyperextended.


Resistance bands are utilized at even the highest levels. Pros like Dustin Pedroia, Evan Longoria, and Craig Kimbrel (all future Hall of Famers) do band workouts regularly to both strengthen their bodies and increase durability.


The Benefits 


An athlete with weak external rotation faces deceleration problems, which can have negative impacts specifically on your upper back and rotator cuff. These problems can also lead to tendinitis when unaddressed. Weak external rotation doesn’t just have its negative health impacts, but performance issues as well. Without pitching motion fluidity, your control will be all over the place.


By training with bands, you can strengthen and stabilize the rotator cuff muscles involved with external rotation. This can reduce the stress that throwing puts on both your shoulder and your elbow (UCL).






Written by: Devin Pickell


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