Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility Internal Rotation and Stretching

Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility Internal Rotation and Stretching



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Exercises for Shoulder Flexibility Internal Rotation and Stretching

Internal rotations can be done without a weight. As a matter of fact, doing it with a resistance band is even more beneficial because it allows for a wider range of motion.


Start by standing upright with your arm facing outward, gripping the resistance band at a cocked 90 degree angle.


A single repetition is complete by slowly pulling the band in towards your torso in a controlled motion. Once the band has reached your torso, reverse the motion until you’re back to your starting point. Do this for 3-5 reps of 10.


The Purpose


Internal rotation is a natural occurrence when your body is going through a throwing motion, especially with pitchers. Look at a still-shot of any pitcher right at the point of release after their leading foot lands. Internal rotation accelerates the shoulder forward and also helps with deceleration -- all violent, but crucial motions for pitching.


An athlete with weak internal rotation faces the potential of developing GIRD, which limits mobility and can have negative impacts on your UCL (elbow) or rotator cuff. These problems can be tedious to fight back. With a stiff shoulder and failure to get the arm above the head, this will have drastic effects on your performance.


The Benefits 


Weight training is beneficial for putting on muscle and strengthening your body, but it’s difficult to target smaller, fast-twitch muscles like a resistance band can. Since your rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles with specific responsibilities, it’s best to stick to lighter weights and/or resistance bands for workouts involving sensitive areas like the shoulder.


Strong internal rotation means your shoulder is flexible, thus leading to a more fluid pitching motion and an overall healthier, higher-performing arm.







Written by: Devin Pickell

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