Serves-Up - How to get Started Playing Competitive Volleyball

Serves-Up - How to get Started Playing Competitive Volleyball


Serves-Up - How to get Started Playing Competitive Volleyball


 We all get into a sport one way or another. Whether we find our passion with a couple of friendly pick-up games, start immediately with competitive sports or let our parents guide us, there are several ways to get into a sport. The same goes for volleyball. Once you discover your passion for the game, here is how to get involved.


            The best route to get involved in competitive volleyball is to start playing Club Volleyball. Club volleyball consists of 2-4 practices each week. As you build your skills, you may get the opportunity to travel to compete. What starts as a passion, can sometimes take you to play in college, but how?

 To play volleyball in college, it seems like the recruiting starts at a younger and younger age each year. Generally, coaches will start scouting prospective players when they are 14 years old. They generally look at club statistics, and your odds are better if you are on a travel team.


  What might start as a friendly pick-up game of volleyball can develop into a life-long passion. Look at your local options to find the type of participation that works for you.



Written by Michelle Gean

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