Swimming: An Underrated Workout

Swimming: An Underrated Workout

Swimming: An Underrated Workout

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History of Swimming

Swimming’s conception dates back to the Egyptians. You can find rock paintings of swimmers lining the walls of ancient caves near Southwestern Egypt. Yet, today swimming is highly underappreciated as a sport and workout. The team aspect isn’t obvious to an onlooker and the pool is, generally, where people relax on vacations making it the center of relaxation rather than perspiration. Therefore, swimming as a workout is, generally, overlooked.

Swimming Workout Benefits 

Swimming not only offers a full body resistance workout but also a cardio session that may have you panting harder than your routine run. Swimming carves killer abs, sculpts arms, and trims waistlines. On top of those benefits, swimming is also a low-impact sport allowing you to workout hard without losing hip and knee mobility.  Don’t let the words “low impact” fool you. You will still be panting at the end. Though there are many physical benefits of swimming, the benefits go beyond physicality.

Swimming for Calming Nerves and Relaxation  

Swimming also offers those seeking time for them selves exactly that. The sport allows you (and, in a way, the water ‘forces you’) to be completely alone with yourself without distraction. You are alone with your thoughts and free from the chaos of your house or gym. As your body starts to work hard, you no longer have energy to expend on thought. Suddenly, your body is moving and your brain is still. Before you know it, you are moving through the water in a moving meditation. Each day will be different, but the practice is to accept it as it comes and keep moving.


If you normally run, try swimming. Not only are there several benefits to reap but also altering your cardio routine can be beneficial in itself. The truth is that your body adapts to whatever you do routinely, and once your body achieves certain efficiencies, it takes more effort to get the same benefits you once did as a beginner. Switching your cardio often is not only beneficial to your body but also your mind. It helps you avoid your body’s adaptability and keeps your mind refreshed. Toss the routine aside and try something new.


Not sure where to start? Try these workouts below.

Swimming Workouts for Beginners  

Level: I haven’t been in the water since I was a yougin’. Swimming as a workout? How do I do that?


3 x laps  easy pace

5 x laps  30 seconds rest in between

5 x laps 20 seconds rest in between

5 x laps 10 seconds rest in between

2 x laps easy


Level: I swim, not well, but I swim.


200 (8 laps in a 25 meter/yard pool) Warm-up


200 kick

200 swim

200 kick

200 swim

200-sprint swim


200 Warm-down



Level: I practice pretty regularly. I have a go-to workout in the pool, but I am bored.


400  warm up


 2 x 200s @ 3:00

2 x 200s @ 2:50

2 x200s @ 2:40

2 x 200s @ 2:30

1 x 200 @ 2:20

1 minute rest

1 x 200 SPRINT

500 Warm down



Written by - Michelle Gean

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