The Benefits of the KB Sumo Deadlift

When most people think of the deadlift, they think of lifting huge amounts of weight with a barbell. While that is the more traditional way of performing the exercise, the KB sumo deadlift is a good option too.

There are many reasons that someone might choose to use a kettlebell for their resistance training. The most obvious is the convenience. Kettlebells are smaller, which means it is easier to use them at home. In addition, the shape and the handle make them versatile, and you can use them not just for deadlifts but also squats, snatches, curls, Turkish getups, and other exercises.

Even the heaviest kettlebell is quite light compared to what an intermediate lifter would be likely to be able to pull with a kettlebell, but this does not mean that avid lifters should dismiss using a kettlebell as a part of their programming. The lighter weight allows the lifter to focus on assuming a good stance, and to work on the quad positioning and the pull. Kettlebell sumo deadlifts are useful for improving form and also for conditioning, allowing people to perform more repetitions, and to focus on one area that often gets neglected with the barbell; improving grip strenght.

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