The Best Dynamic Stretches for Swimmers

The Best Dynamic Stretches for Swimmers



If you’re a swimmer, you may know that your hips, upper back, shoulders, and legs hold a lot of tension. The following stretches will help you release your tight muscles. Swimmer or not, check out these stretches to help release your tension.



Dynamic Hip Stretches


Pigeon pose

Sitting on the ground, swing your right leg in front of your body. Your shin will be parallel with your body. Your toes will be flexed. Reach your left leg behind you. It will sit straightened behind your body. If you are resting on your right hip, adjust so that you no longer touch your right hip to the ground. You will feel the tightness in your hip release. Hold this for several minutes before switching to the other side.


Half pigeon

Sit in a cross legged position. Move your bottom leg so that it is parallel to your body. Place your top leg´s ankle just above the knee of your bottom leg. Press your sit bones back and down into the ground and sit-up straight. You can stay seated upright or you can start to fold forward over your legs. Hold for several minutes before switching to the opposite side.


Dynamic Upper Back Stretch


Side Child´s pose

Start on your hands and knees. Bring your knees wider than hip width while your big toes touch. From there, sit your hips back to rest upon your ankles. Reach your hands in front of you. Your head is touching the ground. From there, Take your right hand and place it underneath your body reaching towards the left side of the room. Hold for several minutes and switch sides.


Dynamic Shoulder Stretch 




Eagle´s pose

Eagle´s pose will help both hips and shoulders. Start in a standing position, bring your right leg over your left and wrap it around your left leg, like a piece of licorice. Start to bend in your knees lowering your body a little closer to the ground. From there, bring your left arm under your right. Biceps of your arm are parallel with the ground. Elbows lifted and hands pressing away from your face. Hold for several minutes and then switch to your other side.

Dynamic Leg Stretch



Lie down on your belly. Bend your knees and grab the outside your ankles (just below your ankles). Point or flex your toes. Press your feet into your hands and reach your chest out. You look like a bow. Take several deep breaths and lower down. Repeat as you’d like.


Crescent Lunge - Yoga Pose 

Start in a standing position. Step your right leg out in front of you and bend at the knee. Try to get your thigh parallel with the ground. Feel both of your hips press toward the wall in front of you. Hold and then switch sides.


Written by Michelle Gean

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