The concept of stretching for older adults

The concept of stretching for older adults

One of the conventional notions of senior fitness that is often overlooked is stretching. Health experts advise that seniors try to stretch in the morning as it is the best way to make the rest of the day productive. Stretching regularly in the morning helps enhance your overall flexibility and this, in turn, impacts the rest of your day and life. Moreover, stretching averts everyday injuries and gives your muscles an opportunity to perform at its maximum potential. What makes stretching effective is the fact that it’s simple, requires no physical expertise or equipment and demands minimal time. Similar to a proper tune-up for the case of an automobile, daily stretching in particular in the morning helps in removing in “kinks” present in your body. Moreover, stretching early in the morning hinders “kinks” from affecting you from the first place. Muscle and back pain can also be alleviated with the help of an excellent regular stretching routine.

Additionally, stretching has been known to prepare a person body for the rest of the day, and this is why it is highly recommended it be done in the morning. Balance, as well as coordination, is enhanced with proper stretching. This possible as the body’s range of motion is heightened and the muscles are adequately prepared for the upcoming activity. The mind is not left out in this whole process as it benefits from the calmness and relation that comes with the 15-minute stretching. When you stretch in the morning, mental tension, anxiety, blood pressure and physical strain are highly reduced as stretching focus on the muscles.

When it comes to stretching, you don’t have to be an expert for you to enjoy all the benefits associated with stretching. There exist various necessary guidelines that will assist in making you have a fantastic morning stretch regardless of being a first timer. Regardless of what method you opt to choose, always ensure when stretching you listen to your muscles. As you begin to perform each stretch, never be afraid to push yourself to a where you feel no pain, but your muscles feel strained. When you arrive at a point where you feel your muscles to be tight, hold that position for up to fifteen seconds before loosening your tissue. In this way, you get to amplify your range of motion without feeling any pain or feeling uncomfortable. When stretching, always avoid pushing yourself past your tolerance point. Also, avoid the desire to bounce as it will bring about injuries.

For maximum benefits, you can try to stretch uniformly which means that when you execute a stretch on one side of the body, you do the same to the other hand. For instance, if you stretch your right leg in a particular manner and for certain duration of time, you should do the same to the left leg. Also, always make sure you stretch your complimentary muscles evenly and uniformly. If by any chance it becomes hard to do a particular activity such as moving through a large variety of motion never feet frustrated. Always take each day at a time


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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