The Difficulties and Challenges of Sport Competition

The Difficulties and Challenges of Sport Competition

The Difficulties of Competition

The Difficulties of Competition - Ohio Fitness Garage

 The Difficulties and Challenges of Sport Competition

Deutsch proved that coordination is more productive and effective than competition. It promotes problem resolution and collaborative teams. That being said, competition is prominent in many aspects of our world, from our economy to our sports. In particular, the effects of competition have proven to be both positive and detrimental to athletes.


Competition has proven to have both positive and negative effects on athletes. In fact, many top athletes report the pressure to be more facilitating than debilitating. Though there is a mixed result when talking to athletes, both outcomes occur.


Though long term anxiety proves to have negative side-effects, the short-term competition nerves can facilitate great performance depending on coping, pre-race visualization, others´ support, and, unsurprisingly, self-confidence.


Time and time again the competition proves to be both debilitating and facilitating at times, but one thing remains constant, self-confidence has a substantially positive effect on performance. So, rather than avoid competition, facilitate ways to garner your self-confidence.





Written by Michelle Gean

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