Importance of Swimming in Human Life

Importance of Swimming in Human Life

The Importance of Learning How to Swim - Ohio Fitness Garage


Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional death worldwide (WHO). Not only does this emphasize the importance of learning how to swim but it also emphasizes the dangers presented by large bodies of water.


Drowning has been highly overlooked to date, but each day about 10 drowning related deaths occur. Most deaths occur in low- to middle income countries with age, gender, access to water, flooding incidences, and traveling on water all risk factors.  When East England tested a Free Swim Program, it proved to be beneficial for those who could not afford access to a pool, which suggests that there is a boundary to participate in swimming.


Eighty-eight percent of drownings can be prevented through swim lessons. The YMCA regularly hosts free swim lessons for the community. Check out a YMCA near you. Also, the ¨Make a Splash¨ foundation is committed to teaching kids how to swim. You can access their website and find a lesson in your community. Knowing how to navigate water is important no matter your age. Be safe and know how to protect yourself and your loved ones in the water.




Written by Michelle Gean


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