The Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift is a Great Beginner Exercise

Deadlifting is one of the most challenging exercises and is a great full-body workout. Typically, it is a barbell exercise, because the barbell allows you to lift huge amounts of weight. Not everyone needs to use a barbell to deadlift, however.

The kettlebell sumo deadlift is perfect for beginners because kettlebells are small and versatile and can be used for numerous exercises. Someone who is recovering from injury can begin with a very light weight, and there are plenty of weight options to work with from as light as 9lbs up to 203lbs.

Kettlebells are perfectly shaped for the sumo deadlift, too, since it is easy for a person to adopt the wide-knee stance, with their toes pointed outwards, then hinge at the hip and reach down to grab the handle of the kettlebell. The convenient, robust handle is much easier to grip than the top of a dumbbell, so the exercise is simpler and safer too.

Those who are dedicated to working out may find that they outgrow the kettlebell when it comes to this exercise quite quickly, but there are plenty of other challenging kettlebell exercises such as the snatch and the Turkish getup, so the equipment will not go to waste!

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