The Muscles that could be limiting your Mobility

The Muscles that could be limiting your Mobility


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The Muscles that could be limiting your Mobility

Whether you are sitting all day or in the gym working-out for hours, this muscle is involved, and in many people, it can be chronically tight. It’s not commonly referenced, and you don’t necessarily go to the gym to intentionally work it yet it is always working: the hip flexors. Work with them and they can be your biggest strength; work against them and you could limit your mobility and strength.


The hip flexors are comprised of a handful of different muscles, and their role is to aid hip movement. The muscles connect your lower body to the torso and support movements like bringing your leg to your chest. Healthy hip flexors strengthen certain exercises (like running, squats, and walking) while also giving you a comfortable range of motion in your legs.


There are many ways you can develop healthy hip flexors. Not everyone has tight hip flexors, but understanding where you fall on the spectrum (tight hips-loose hips) will help you practice the best exercises for you. Below are a couple exercises to incorporate into your current routine to enhance your hip strength. 

Exercises for Tight Hips


Half Pigeon 

Sit on the ground. Swing one leg in front of your body. Bring the same foot of that leg towards the center of your body while your knee falls out towards your hip. Your foot and knee strive to be in a line parallel to the front of your body. Your other leg reaches straight behind you. Your hips are square with the wall in front of you.


Double pigeon

Sit up straight with one leg under the other. Place the top ankle on top of your other knee. Your shins are parallel with one another and you are sitting up straight. Press your sit bones into the ground.


Runner’s lunge for tight hips

Take a giant step so that one foot is in front of the other with a bent knee. Your hands are on either side of your foot. The heel of your back foot is stacked on top of your toes. Reach the center of your chest towards the wall in front of you. You can drop your back knee to the ground or keep it lifted.


Easy Twist

Keep the position from Runner’s lunge. If your right foot is forward, place your left hand on the ground and reach your right hand up to the ceiling.


Exercises for Flexible Hips



Get to the gym and squat. With weight or without weight, the intention is to build strength in your hips. Stand with your feet at hips width distance and sit your hips back as if you’re sitting in a chair--squat down and then stand up. Repeat several times.


Leg Raises

Standing upright or lying on your back, lift your leg up so that your foot comes to the same height as your hip.


Mountain Climbers

Place your hands on the ground and get in a plank- like position. Start to tap your knee to elbow repeatedly alternating between knees.



Get outside or onto a treadmill and log some miles.




Written by - Michelle Gean

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