The Sumo Deadlift High Pull CrossFit Exercise

The sumo deadlift high pull CrossFit exercise is something that coaches must learn if they want to be certified CrossFit instructors. The exercise, however, is controversial, with many instructors feeling that it is too dangerous to use in their regular programs.

It is certainly true that the exercise can be dangerous if it is done with poor form. It requires people to adopt a stance similar to that of a sumo deadlift and to grip the bar in the middle, instead of with the wider standard deadlift grip. From there, they pull the deadlift into a normal deadlift stance and then continue with the pull until the bar is just below the chin. The grip and the comparatively explosive nature of this pull are what increases the risk of injury compared to standard pulls.

This CrossFit exercise can be a great full-body exercise if it is done with good form. To ensure this, it is a good idea to do the exercise with far lighter weights than you would use for a standard deadlift. If it is performed carefully and with good form, then it can offer incredible functional strength benefits, which is what the sport of CrossFit is all about.

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