Things to remember when starting a senior fitness program

Things to remember when starting a senior fitness program

When many people reach the age of fifty, they start believing that their bodies are too weak and cannot undertake any exercise. What these people forget is that when you stay active even in your older years, your chances of living a fuller life and increasing your time here on earth is high. Recent studies have proven that age is nothing but a number and no one is too old to begin taking care of him/herself. In choosing the first step toward living an active lifestyle, always remember that you are not too old or too late to start working out. However, you will be required to take the entire process slow which means that before undertaking any exercise, a medical check-up is compulsory.

 This appointment is vital for beginners, seniors who have been sedentary for some time or those who have hereditary medical complications. Starting slow means that you will begin with minimal exercises and with time increase your range of workouts depending on your fitness level. For instance, you can start with a ten-minute walk and after a period once your body gets the hang of the exercise increase the time frame. Your fitness level will play a significant role in determining if your fit enough to expand the range of your workout. If by any chance you feel your body is capable of undertaking more during the first time, don’t be in a rush to avoid your body being too sore or too tired. If this happens, you will find it hard to work out the next day thus ruining the workout program. Taking time to rest and stretch between exercises will give you ample time to see how your body is reacting from the exercise.

For starters, thirty minutes of unpretentious exercise can be your ultimate goal. This doesn’t mean that you start precisely there at one time. If you are a beginner or you have been inactive for a long time, it can take a while for you to calm with a thirty-minute workout. This is because as human beings begin aging, their body changes as their muscle strength, respiratory strength, muscle flexibility as well as physical fitness decreases. Moreover, aging increases the risk of osteoporosis which is common for women who have reached menopause. Due to inability to move one’s legs, it becomes hard for seniors to walk appropriately and their stability, as well as mobility, decreases. Regular exercises are estimated to help prevent roughly fifty percent of all functional declines that come with aging. The benefits brought about by physical activity occur in various shapes both mentally and physically. Regular exercise helps in slowing down the aging process and increases a person's stamina and energy.

When you start your exercise program, spend a lot of time increasing your flexibility right from the word go. Let your exercises be consistent to help increase your hearts and lungs efficiency. Your endurance, strength and bone density are bound to improve with regular, consistent exercises. Regardless of your age don’t be afraid to work out and prove people who believe that workouts are meant for young people wrong.




-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock



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