Three type of exercises seniors can undertake

Three type of exercises seniors can undertake

Three type of exercises seniors can undertake

Excellent physical, as well as mental health, can come in handy when it comes to improving the quality of life during a person older years. Aside from keeping a person’s body healthy and energized, physical activity has been known to avert and advance age-related complications such as arthritis. Moreover, physical activity has been known to lower the risk of injuries as well as reducing the risk of age-related ailments such as stroke. According to health experts, physical activity entails various elements that need to be considered. Physical activity is not all about waking up in the morning and running for a meter or kilometer.

Cardio exercises

Endurance exercises play a crucial role such as in lowering a person’s blood pressure, speeding up metabolism and improving the hearts condition. For individuals who are starting to incorporate this type of exercise, it is best if you begin slowly and with time, add more time. The entire objective of this type of exercise is to increase a person’s heart rate as well as breathing without putting too much pressure on the body. If by any chance you begin feeling dizzy, pain or get out of breath, it means you’re putting too much pressure on your body and thus you ought to slow down for your body to recover. Seniors are always advised to use at least one fifty minutes of cardio exercises every week. Moderate endurance exercises such as swimming are highly recommended for beginners, but a person can undertake vigorous exercises such as jogging with the doctor’s permission.

Water exercises

This type of exercise is effective and efficient for older adults as it is easier on their joints and is fun. Moreover, it doesn’t need similar level balance as exercises done on hard surfaces, and this makes it more useful for older adults. Most people tend to assume that for you to undertake this exercise; you need to know how to swim. However, this is not the case as most of the activities conducted in water are between a person’s waist and chest deep. What makes this workout more useful is the fact that water adds resistance thus helps burn more calories and provides muscle challenge. Walking in deep water has been recommended by health experts as it offers more resistance as compared to shallow water.

Seated workouts

Seniors having balance problems or strength complications can still get a good workout without standing. This has been made possible through the seated exercises which are performed when a person is always sited. Moreover, you accomplish strength training and stretching through using a resistance band while working out. Still, you can incorporate weights to your ankles or wrists if you aim at intensifying your strength training. There exist numerous videos that can be used to help assist in explaining how to do seated exercises such as aerobics or stretching. Moreover, the videos can also be used for motivation. When performing this type of exercises, always remember to pull your abdominal muscles and at all times sit upright.

By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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