Tips to Choosing Workout Shirts

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Tips to Choosing Workout Shirts

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Tips for Choosing Workout T Shirts 

Gym appropriate clothing is imperative for a rewarding workout session. When it comes to choosing the best workout shirt, the options are endless as countless clothing brands are offering trendy workout shirts to fulfill your exercising needs. To optimize your performance in workouts, your workout shirt has to fulfill certain parameters in terms of the fabric, fit,  form and durability keeping in view the different needs of your workout routine.  Take a moment to read the following tips to help you pick the right workout T-shirt.

  1. Activewear Fabric Choices 

If you indulge in medium to high intensity workouts, pick your workout shirt in synthetic fabric with moisture wicking ability. Shirts made from moisture wicking fabrics help your skin stay dry by wicking off sweat during intense workout sessions. Fabrics like polyester,  lycra,  nylon, and spandex are great choices for workout shirts as they instantly lift sweat from the skin and dry quickly compared to cotton. This minimizes the risk of chaffing and other skin complications that arise with sweating.

  1. The Stretch of your Fitness Shirt

Your workout shirt must be stretchable enough to put up with extreme arm and body movements enlisted in a workout. For best performance, go for shirts with a seamless finish. Shirts built from spandex fabric are a better choice as this fabric can be stretched up to five times its original size and the best thing about spandex is that it easily contracts to its original form without sagging.

  1. Breathable Shirts for Fitness

Pick your workout shirts in breathable fabrics to prevent body heat from trapping inside your shirt. Most workout shirts are lined with mesh fabric to enhance its breathability.  This also ensures that your skin stays dry as the sweat is transferred to the outer fabric.

  1. Strength Training Shirt Fit

You must be selective about the way a workout shirt fits your body. Make sure that the hemline of sleeves is not too tight and there's enough room for your arm muscles to move. Loose and baggy shirts are a big no- no as these play a hindrance in your workout performance. Pick a shirt that stays close to your skin but is not overly tight.  Compression shirts are better for those who seek extra support during strength training.  These shirts provide support to your chest, shoulders and arms.

  1. Gym Shirt Design

There are endless design options in fitness shirts for various workout requirements.  If you want more freedom with regards to arm movements, basketball shirts or muscle shirts are ideal for you. For bodybuilders and weightlifters v-shaped muscle shirts work best as they have an extra porous fabric on sweat prone areas. Workout shirts with fleece knitting are suitable for cold weather. Compression shirts are made of spandex which stays close to the skin. These shirts keep your muscles warm and are good for healthy blood circulation in the body.

  1. Color

Opt for darker colors when buying a workout shirt as these perfectly hide any sweat marks left from your fitness training. Avoid wearing overly bright colors at the gym as these may invite unwanted attention to yourself and spoil your workout mood.


Written By Amanda Reid


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