Tips to help you setting rational expectations when working out as a senior

Tips to help you setting rational expectations when working out as a senior

Senior citizens are always advised to set practical expectations when they decide to engage in any workout program. Before you enroll in any fitness class, first undergo some few check-ups with your doctor and later gain some clearance on what exercise routine to avoid. There exist various indispensable rules that will help any senior who plans on enrolling in a fitness program make realistic expectations. Firstly if you do an exercise and you experience any pain, stop immediately. If the pain persists after resting or resuming back to your initial exercise, see a doctor to help determine what might be the problem thus avoiding further complications.

If by any chance you are under the weather, don’t stress yourself by working out. You have to take it easy as you might end up skipping your entire routine. However, you can opt to modify your workout regimen and go for exercise that fits your current health condition instead of skipping your routine entirely. It is likely for you to have some unusual pain or even get ill once you begin working out again. To minimize this effect, you have to start slow as compared to your initial routine. However, if after some time you experience chest pain, muscle or joint pain, begin feeling nausea, have trouble breathing or have abnormal stability difficulties, you ought to make an appoint with your health experts once again to help determine what might be causing all these. Working out should not bring about health complications instead it should help prevent health complications.

The best and effective way you can begin your workout routine is by starting with some few minutes and later increase your time limit after some time. You have to keep on moving at a consistent pace and still taking it slow. Additionally, always wear clothes that make you feel at ease thus enabling you to do your workout without any stress. Your clothes also have to be non-restrictive as this will help keep your body temperatures intact thus making you feel comfortable. Dressing in layers is crucial as it ensures that you are in a position of adjusting to the rise of your body temperature with ease. You are not to overexert yourself at any one point as this will hinder achieving your intended goal. Always drink a lot of water before, during and after exercising to keep your body hydrated.

At all times, always make sure your body is relaxed and relived before beginning your workout. Stretching can be one way to keep your body relaxed and wormed up or taking a walk. Whatever alternative you decide to choose to make you get warmed up before heading for your exercises. When you start feeling strong, you can increase the time you spend to ease your body. If you had opted for walking, you begin walking for more extended periods or start walking faster. If its bicycling, you can invite friends to keep the activity exciting or cycle for a longer distance. Whatever action you opt to choose, always remember to work with consistency as this will help in keeping you involved in the fitness program for a more extended period thus enable you to attain your goal.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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