Type of exercises for people over 60 years

Type of exercises for people over 60 years

Type of exercises for people over 60 years

For individuals who are 60 years and above, regular workouts and physical activity are essential if they want to increase their life expectancy. Through these workouts, a senior can build his/her endurance, reduce the risks of falling and enhance one’s strength and balance. Moreover, regular exercise helps reduce the risk of senior developing arthritis as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes. However, due to the delicate nature of the elderly, it essential that a senior make an appointment first with the family doctor before undertaking any new exercise program to help ascertain if the physical condition of the senior will handle the workouts. Many of the elderly exercise programs entail;



Before undertaking any workout, stretching is necessary as it helps reduce the risk of injury and prepares the body for the strenuous exercise that is to be conducted. It is advised that seniors stretch slowly and gently while avoiding bouncing. If by any chance the stretch becomes painful, a senior is encouraged to stop stretching to prevent any further complications. When a senior wants to loosen the muscles present at the front of his/her thighs, the trainer will advise him/her to lean against the wall, grab one foot and pull his/her heel toward the buttock slowly. If it is to stretch one's calf, the exercise will entail an older person leaning with forearms against the wall, taking a step back using one foot and straightening the leg while slightly bending the front leg. Stretching the upper body entails one raising his/her arms over the head and clasping the finger together.



Aerobic activities have been known to help increase stamina as well as assist in maintaining a person’s weight. Moreover, aerobics help in maintaining and improving a person’s heart and respiratory functions. For seniors, aerobics activities are essential if one is aiming at reducing the chances of acquiring cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack of obesity. Physicians have recommended aerobics as a way of reducing excess body fat which is not suitable for any older individual who wants to increase his/her life expectancy. For an individual who is sixty years and above, a moderate-intense thirty-minute workout is recommended at least five to seven days every week. Bicycling, swimming, jogging and walking are some of the ideal aerobic activities that help in raising a person’s heart and breathing rates. On the other hand, dancing or sweeping does help in increasing an individual’s heart rate and decrease the fat levels in the body through burning calories. However, an older person is advised to avoid overdoing these activities at first to avoid further complications but can gradually increase the time frame.

For individuals who suffer from chronic illnesses such as osteoporosis or arthritis, it is advisable for them to first consult a physician or health expert before undertaking any physical activity as their health situation limit their choice of workouts. By doing so, a unique exercise program will be formulated for them that is both healthy and safe at the same time.



Written by Barbara Ailstock

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