5 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors

5 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors

5 Easy and Safe Exercises for Seniors

Many older people dislike exercising around other people as it develops a feeling of anxiety as well as self-consciousness. Sadly, this negative attitude can result in depression, health complications and a decrease in activity level. This is not good for the elderly as workouts do help in keeping the healthy and increasing their lifespan. Despite all these, there is still some good news for the seniors. It is not compulsory for a person to attend fitness classes or even go to the gym daily for them to stay active. Workouts are vital to maintaining a physical, mental and emotional balance but that doesn’t denote that an individual needs to visit the gym every day. A person can still be healthy and physically fit by working out in a space which one is comfortable with such as one’s home. There exist various low-stressing and straightforward exercises that an older adult can undertake at home and help him/her stay healthy. Some of them include;


For quite some time, physicians have been heard recommending older adults to walk more as it helps in strengthening their joints, promoting mental health and enhancing the cardiovascular system. Moreover, walking is recommended for older adults as it is safe and can be done anywhere. Whether it’s walking from your house to your neighbor’s house, walking from the living room to the bedroom, walking is an incredible way to move one's body.



For older adults who don’t want to go the gym but want to move their bodies without putting too much stress on their joints, yoga is the perfect option. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can be conducted at home and doesn’t require one to visit the gym. An individual can decide to download free yoga classes online or develop a routine depending on one’s preference.


Chair exercises

Are you aware that exercise can be conducted even when a person is not standing up? For the case of older adults, chair exercises are safe and efficient as they help in strengthening and toning the muscles. Moreover, these chair exercises do help in improving one’s mobility. For this, to work one need a straight-backed chair that is supportive and can download free chair exercises videos online that demonstrate what is to be done.


One of the best things an individual can do while old to his/her body is improving their body balance. Just like yoga, tai-chi is a low-impact exercise that involves slow movements incorporated with deep breathing. This helps in improving flexibility as well as balance. Some health experts argue that tai-chi is indeed the best type of exercise for seniors of all age. With proper guideline, an individual can undertake this exercise at home at one’s convenient time and remain healthy.

Strength training

Enhanced muscle strength can go a long way in making even the most essential daily functions easier for the body. Moreover, strength exercises help in reducing symptoms such as diabetes and arthritis while reducing lower back pain. At home, this can be achieved using small hand weights as well as resistance bands.


With these few types of exercise that can be done at home, nothing is holding you back from living a healthy life while in your prime years.



Written by Barbara Ailstock

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