Using Prilepin Table For Powerlifting

Using Prilepin Table For Powerlifting

Powerlifting isn't all about lifting heavy weights and moving them from point A to point B.

Instead, there is a logical system behind progressing as a powerlifter and it's important to implement useful techniques when it is time to get started on an all-encompassing program. With more and more advanced methods coming into action within the world of powerlifting, the Prilepin table has also become a well-celebrated solution for getting stronger.

The Prilepin table focuses on methodically developing your power by targeting a set percentage of your max rep each session. For example, one day you will look to do 3-6 sets at 55-65% of your one rep max, while another day you are going to focus on 70-80% of your one rep max. It's a great way to gradually build your strength at different weights to keep progressing. Otherwise, too many people get fatigued before their meet by lifting heavy all the time or they never progress past where they started.

This is where powerlifting becomes all about the biological nature of the human body and how it responds to time under tension. By using a solution such as this, it's easier to break through developing plateaus as you hope to become a better powerlifter.

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