Using Prilepin's Table for Powerlifting

Using Prilepin's Table for Powerlifting

Prilepin's table was originally designed to help people with Olympic Lifts. Prilepin is a coach from the USSR who was very active in the 1970s and 1980s, coaching national competitors and doing research into strength training. Prilepin enjoyed a lot of success with his table which advises athletes on the rep range and the number of sets to use at varying percentages of the athlete's one rep max.

It's important to note that the table he published was for the fast and explosive Olympic lifts. The lifts that a powerlifter does are much slower, and as such they may benefit from using a different rep range for maximal strength. It all depends on what level the lifter is at. A novice may be able to enjoy linear progression while lifting with a 5x5 program, or may get a lot from 5-3-1 programs instead. Lifters should consider how long they have been training and their rate of progression before making decisions about rep ranges, and also consider recovery between sets, and nutrition. Those who are not advanced lifters will likely benefit from any time under the bar that taxes their muscles and central nervous system, and should not invest too much time worrying about advanced program changes.


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