Using the Prilepins Chart for Strength Training

Using the Prilepins Chart for Strength Training

The Prilepins Chart is a table which athletes can use to work out the optimal weights they should use, and the rep range for Olympic lifts, based on the percentage of their one rep max.

The chart describes the number of reps per set, as a range, and the total rep count (or volume) that a lifter should use to maximize the strength gains they enjoy on the Snatch, as well as the Clean and Jerk.

Prilepins is not a new chart. It has been used by dedicated athletes for decades and it is a useful tool for optimizing training time and explosiveness. The Olympic lifts rely on power and speed, unlike powerlifts which, while having 'power' in their name, are slower lifts that can be 'ground' through. Because of this difference, it is important that you understand what you are aiming for with the exercises. The Prilepins chart would not be so useful for the bench press, or for a bodybuilder who wants to maximize hypertrophy.

Prilepin was a Soviet coach who trained competitors for the USSR Junior and National teams in the 70s and 80s. He was also a researcher, and he enjoyed a lot of success with the method that is described in the chart.


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