Utlizing Prilepin's Chart Calculator

Utlizing Prilepin's Chart Calculator

Imagine wanting to get stronger as a powerlifter and not knowing where to begin.

This is a hurdle many people deal with and it is essential to get past these struggles with the help of a quality online calculator. The Prilepin's chart calculator is designed to make sure you are lifting the right amount each session for maximum efficiency. As long as you follow what the calculator tells you to do, it is going to become easier to lift while getting stronger. Remember, there is a scientific purpose behind the use of this chart and how it works in pushing you to greater heights.

When you put in all of your details into the calculator, it is going to offer insight into what you need to be lifting per session. This is going to be your program for the coming weeks and is a great way to get past any hurdles that arise in your training. Too many powerlifters assume going to the gym and lifting heavy is enough when that is not the case. You have to stagger your lifts and design the program according to this chart for appropriate progress.

Use the calculator wisely and see how fast you progress over time.

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