Water exercises you can enjoy as a senior


Arthritis and joint pain have been the core reason why many seniors avoid working out. With the introduction of water exercises, arthritis and joint pain will never hinder you from staying an active and healthy lifestyle despite ageing. Water exercises have been known to help relieve arthritis as well as joint pain as it ensures your bone density and muscle mass is increased. It's not easy to stay active especially if you are a senior but this doesn’t mean you live a sedentary life. Compared to other exercises, water exercises put minimal stress on your joints making sure you don’t complain of aching joints.

Moreover, the buoyancy that comes with water exercises helps minimize pressure on your joints. Water exercises are fun and can come in handy especially if you plan on doing strength exercises without using extra weights. If this is the case, you don’t require lifting heavy weights as the water operates as a type of resistance. Here are some of the water exercises you can try but remember never undertake water aerobics alone, know your limits and speak to your physician before taking any water aerobics.

Aqua jogging: - this type of low-impact water exercise is the best for keeping your heart pumping and making sure blood flows in the right manner throughout the body. Aqua jogging is a simple exercise that entails jogging through the water from one side to another. If jogging is not fit for you, the exercise can be simplified to walking or marching from one end of the pool while still in the water. The core purpose of this exercise is to get your heart rate up so whatever mode of exercising you opt, have fun with it but ensure it challenges you.

Flutter Kicking: -This is another type of low- impact cardio exercise that can quickly be done using or not using a kickboard. For the exercise to be useful when using a kickboard, ensure you hold the kickboard in front of you and kick your legs to help propel you across the pool. This is also possible even when you don’t have a kickboard. You can undertake this exercise by placing your head above the water and flutter kicking your legs while holding the end of the pool. Whichever mode of exercise you prefer to work with, always ensure you kick at a steady tempo that will not tire you but also keep your heart pumping.

The entire objective of this type of exercise is to increase a person’s heart rate as well as breathing without putting too much pressure on the body. If by any chance you begin feeling dizzy, pain or get out of breath, it means you’re putting too much pressure on your body and thus you ought to slow down for your body to recover. . Always stretch before and after an exercise to ascertain that your body is in good shape and maintain healthy joints. A senior can make exercising a habit through starting small and later get attached to the workouts. Most seniors prefer working out in the mornings and thus can easily stay on track. Moreover, undertaking exercises that one enjoys also helps one embrace working out.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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