7 Weird Swimming Facts from an Competitive Swimmer

7 Weird Swimming Facts from an Competitive Swimmer


Weird things Competitive Simmers Do - Ohio Fitness Garage

 7 Weird Swimming Facts from an Competitive Swimmer 

Do Swimmers Pee in the Pool

Despite swimming pool best practices, competitive swimmers toss the rule book aside and pee in the pool. Yes, competitive swimmers pee in the pool. Whether is it nerves or lack of time, swimmers break the rules here and leave the water a little less sanitary than others would hope it would be.

Never Shave their Legs as Swimmers

It is extremely common to see female swimmers with unsaved legs all season. Yes, it sounds weird, but this is a common practice among swim teams. Though it can be a little outdated, it is believed that training with the extra drag and weight will set swimmers up for a fast last meet of the season, once they shave. Maybe it is all hocus-pocus, but swimmers across the world have either experienced the magic or believe in the power of commitment.

Have An Uncanny Comfort with being Half Naked

Swimmers get used to being half clothed most of the time. They learn to interact with one another with little to no clothes on. They find comfort in this. Maybe too much comfort.

Eat… A Lot

Swimmers eat a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. People were amazed when Michael Phelps revealed his daily diet amassed around 7,000 calories. Well, its true. Swimmers burn an incredible amount of energy while in the pool and can eat up to 7,000-10,000 calories a day. Just another reason to start swimming.

Wake Up Before the Sun

Swimming is not for the feint-hearted. Swimmers regularly wake-up before the sun, jump into a luke-warm body of water, and exert all their energy, that they have or don’t have. It´s one thing to do it once. Its another thing to do it day after day. Swimmers complete more than their day’s exercise before the sun even rises.

Have a Fetish for Tight Suits

Because a tight suit makes you faster. Whether it is competition or a day practicing in the pool, swimmers have a fetish for tight suits. They hug in your body, compress, and make you slide through the water at record speeds. So, no wonder their suits may be a little small too. They want to be fast.

Look like Two Completely Different People

With a cap on, a swimmer is a hairless gnome, but take the caps off and give the swimmer real clothes and suddenly you don’t know their name anymore. There are countless times that a person can’t recognize their friend in a swim suit and cap. Just remember, when the cap goes on, it is an alter ego that no-one recognizes.



Written by Michelle Gean

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