What Collegiate Athletes Wish they Knew Before the Game- Volleyball

What Collegiate Athletes Wish they Knew Before the Game- Volleyball


What Collegiate Athletes Wish they Knew Before the Game



 Being a collegiate athlete can sometimes present its challenges. As well as studying, the athletes are also responsible for keeping up with their athletics. We asked competitive collegiate athletes what they wished they know before they began the journey of being a D1 athlete, and this is what they said.


  After years and years of training, many athletes vocalize the physical intensity of being a D1 athlete. Their bodies take a beating regardless of the sport they played. The long hours they put into the competition made them value their bodies and the fragility of them. We only get one body, and this was intensified for D1 athletes who worked long and hard to make their bodies the best.


  Regardless of the wear and tear on their bodies, most athletes reflect on their experience in a favorable light, seeing their athleticism as a way to pay for their education. Though the hours on the court, in the pool, or on the field were harsh, once it is over, they appreciate the places the sport took them, in their education and the world.


            When looking back on the experience, it wasn’t the medals or successes that made the athletes smile. It was the lasting friendships they made. Many say they still have their teammates as friends 4,5, 15 years after college. The friends you make during competition are friends like no other.

            Though competition can get tense, don’t forget to take in the moment and the people you are with playing the game you love. It is the people that will make the experience all that it is, not the medals. Don’t forget that your body has limits. Remember the reason why you started playing the game and keep having fun.



Written by Michelle Gean

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