Why do seniors prefer not to exercise?


Many seniors have been heard saying that the reason behind them not exercising is due to uneasiness and discomfort. Back pain, lung disorder as well as sore knees can act as barriers and limit how often one exercise. Moreover, overweight can also affect your fitness regimen. These barriers can be overcome through talking with your healthcare provider regarding the symptoms your experience. Uneasiness and pain, on the other hand, can be managed through medication or physical therapy. For this to work, you have to work hand in hand with your therapist who will help by providing a variety of exercises that fit your functional and energy level. For instance, if you are suffering from chronic ailments such as arthritis or heart disease, you can benefit a lot form doing low exertion exercise or flexibility training. For those seniors whose discomfort is their core barrier, they can opt for water aerobics which helps in lessening the joint impact

Physical limitation is one of the common reasons as to why many older adults opt not to exercise. Many older adults suffer from various ailments such as arthritis or diabetes, and they believe due to this illness they cannot exercise. This is not the case as you can do other exercises such as walking that does not require you to lift weights or injure your body, having physical limitations does not mean that you cannot exercise or have an active lifestyle. Even for older adults who have limited mobility or are constrained in wheelchairs, you can still exercise and live an active lifestyle. Never let anything define you or make you believe that you are too old to exercise as there is no right time to exercise.

Many factors may hinder the elderly from being actively involved in physical exercise are personal and psychological factors. This may include lack of motivation, hard and tiresome, low self-belief, loneliness and depression and also fear of injury. Environmental factors may also play a part in de-motivating the elderly from being physically active. This may include; insecurity, a technological improvement that the elderly are not well accustomed to, lousy weather and accessibility. Other factors Aging process, availability of facilities and social- economic factors.

When people begin getting older, they start feeling comfortable as life gets better and more accessible to them. Seniors are known to become more aware of their bodies and start exploring confidently in their skin. They start letting go of what doesn’t work for them and incorporate anything that works their way. Moreover, they start letting go of anything that makes them sweat or make them struggle including working out. As a result, many senior citizens end up adding weight which is not suitable for them at that frail stage. Proper exercises have been known to have profound effects on an older adult as it helps improve his/her overall well being. By staying active, you can reduce stiffness, improve your strength and boost your energy levels. Compared to others, seniors who do regular workouts tend to be independent and flexible.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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