Why older seniors should incorporate strength training in the day to day activities

Why older seniors should incorporate strength training in the day to day activities

When it comes to living a healthy and longer life, undertaking regular exercises is compulsory. In particular strength training is vital to all older adults as it helps them stay fit, maintain stability and reduce age-related ailments such as diabetes, arthritis and obesity. According to the Centers for disease control and Prevention, an average senior should direct a minimum of one fifty minutes every week to undertake endurance activity. This can include cardio or weight lifting which will play a big role in improving your muscles and building your bone structure. There are many reasons as to why health experts emphasize on strength training especially for individuals more than 50 years.

When you reach the age of fifty, you begin to lose roughly two per cent of muscle strength every passing year. This gets worse when you reach the age of sixty as you start losing about three per cent of muscle strength every year which is about 5 pounds of muscles being lost. However, the rate by which you lose your muscle strength can be slowed down through strength training. This is possible as strength training helps recuperate the forgotten muscles thus making your cells stay younger. As a result, the ageing process is slowed, and you remain to look young. Apart from making you look and feel younger, strength training has been known to turn off the ageing process that exists in your chromosomes. This is why a person might tell you he is sixty years and you become astonished as he looks like a thirty-year-old guy.

Expert in training has emphasized that strength training has the power to improve one’s mobility, fight depression and replace lost muscle. This is the core reason as to why older adults are urged to incorporate strength training in their day to day activities at least twice per week. Depending on your preference and shape of your body, you can opt to exercise up to four times per week to be on the safer side. However, it is essential that you be kind to your joints. The positive benefits brought about by strength training cannot be overstated, and for you to continue enjoying these benefits despite being fifty years and above, you have to be kind to your muscles and joints. Many people tend to believe a person’s wellness entail only physical training. However, this is not the case as apart from keeping the body healthy and string, a person is required to keep his/her brain in good shape. The elderly are known to have the tendency of forgetting things and through exercising and challenging the mind; it becomes easy for them to prevent memory problems.

In everything you do, always make sure you prioritize complete motion movement as this will help teach your muscles how to control your body.  You can opt to step, jog, skip or even lunge. Whatever you decide to do, always ensure you do full body workout that fit your body condition and does not bring any pain.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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