Why seniors should always be active when it comes to exercising

Why seniors should always be active when it comes to exercising

Why seniors should always be active when it comes to exercising

Many people around the globe tend to believe that the more you age, the less you should engage in any strenuous work including exercise. However, this is untrue as the more you age, the more you should get involved in a fitness program. This is because; the benefits of keeping fit are numerous especially for seniors. For starters, exercise helps you maintain strength and boost your mental states.

Additionally, exercise helps improve your balance which aids in preventing fatal falls as you continue ageing. According to health experts, seniors who opt not to exercise will gradually deteriorate prematurely and as a result, die faster. No matter how accurately you eat or how regularly you exercise, you will still age, but you will do it in a right manner.

It’s hard to understand why seniors opt not to exercise when they know very well how essential it is for them to exercise. Health experts argue that this is the case as human people tend to avoid what they believe to be difficult. Everything you do including bending and tying your shoe gradually becomes harder. Routine obligations that you once took for granted when you were young now become challenge your body and mind. Giving in to your desire to sit down and not exercise at all creates a cycle of various complications such as diseases. For instance, if walking makes a senior tired, he/she will opt to avoid any situations that make them walk. Gradually, he/she stops even going to the parks or shopping and uses this time to sleep or sit. In the end, the legs become weak and the muscles stiff resulting in falls.

Older adults should continuously exercise as immobility will result in significant complications. The less senior citizens exercise, the more their mobility is limited resulting in fatal falls. If this happens, a senior citizen can be permanently immobile as older people’s bone never heals well. This is only the beginning as it will result in other complications such as pneumonia, depression or even death. It’s essential that seniors be urged to exercise to avoid these problems and difficulties. Seniors ought to be trained and encouraged to exercise regularly for them to live longer.

When you incorporate circuit training into your lifestyle, you are guaranteed of improving your strength despite the age bracket. Weakness in the lower muscle has always been a contributing factor to falls especially for older adults. With this in mind, fitness experts recommend that seniors who undertake circuit training focus more on strengthening their legs to help make them strong thus minimize the risk of falling. Some of the exercises that focus on strengthening your lower part include standing exercises such as squats and seated exercises such as hamstring curls as well as leg presses. Apart from strengthening the lower body, you still have to exercise your upper body to ascertain that your entire body is healthy. The upper body can be enhanced by executing upper body exercises. These exercises entail performing movements in all motions from forward, backward, sideways and rotation. With the help of upper body exercises, it becomes more comfortable for you to develop functional strength.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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