Why seniors should incorporate regular training into their regimen.

Why seniors should incorporate regular training into their regimen.

Why seniors should incorporate regular training into their regimen.

I know most of you have heard of physical training and the benefits associated with exercising. However, a small portion of you goes ahead to incorporate physical training into their daily routine. For the elderly, physical training is essential and should be implemented in one’s daily routine as it offers a lot of benefits. To prove how effective fitness training is for older individuals, health experts have conducted numerous studies. Fitness experts advise older people to undertake regular exercises as they continue ageing. With proper exercise, you are assured of improving your lifespan, health and also mental state despite your age. You will also be in a position of improving and maintaining your independence with proper and frequent training. Here are some of the benefits you are bound to enjoy once you get started with regular exercise.

Enhances mental health

With proper training, you are guaranteed of enjoying the endless mental health benefits. Exercise has been known to help in the production of endorphins which is also identified as the “feel good hormone”. According to health experts, this hormone is essential as it helps in reliving a person’s stress level and ends up making them feel happy and satisfied. Moreover, regular exercise has been to help improve a person’s sleep, and this can come in handy for elder adults experiencing insomnia or have trouble sleeping.

Prevents ailments

Research has proven that with regular exercise, a person body can fight diseases thus reducing the chances of you acquiring common diseases. With this in mind, it is highly recommended that seniors perform regular exercise to reduce the chances of obtaining age-related ailments. Exercise has also been to known to help improve a person entire immune system especially for older individuals whose immune system is frequently compromised. Many people think that for you to kip fit, you need to go to the gym and begin lifting weights. This is however untrue as light exercises which include walking can come in handy in preventing disease management.

Enhances cognitive function

Experts have argued that regular exercise, as well as excellent motor skills, helps in improving one’s cognitive function. Studies have also proven that seniors who incorporate exercise into their regimen have a lower risk of acquiring dementia despite one’s routine.

Enhances a person’s social engagement

Exercising has been known to bring people together regardless of the fitness program you opt to undertake. You can decide to be a part of a walking group or even enrol in fitness classes and still socialise with people. Establishing firm social ties is necessary for older adults as it helps in giving them a sense of purpose and helps in boosting their morale. Moreover, strong social ties help seniors avoid feeling lonely and depressed. 

Despite the numerous benefits that come with exercises, senior citizens are advised not to push themselves at any one point. If by any chance they experience sudden pain or get out of breath, they need to stop immediately and obtain the necessary attention. Due to the sensitive nature of the elderly, it is essential for one to first consult a doctor before undertaking any new exercise routine. By doing so, the doctor will ascertain if the method is right for you with regards to your physical condition.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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