Why you should keep on exercising even when your 50+ years


Many people grow up thinking that once you are old, all you do is sit down and live a comfortable life. These are the same people who grow up and once they are fifty years and above, stop taking care of themselves. Just because you have attained fifty years doesn’t permit you to stop taking care of yourself. It is vital for all seniors to start or continue living a healthy and active lifestyle if they want to live long and happy. Health experts, as well as fitness experts, have emphasized for quite some time that seniors should always exercise all due to the various benefits associated with working out. There are two significant benefits associated with working out, and they include psychological and physical well being. Both of these benefits are entirely different as one affects how your brain functions while the mainly other affect the body.

Physical advantages

Reduces instances of acquiring chronic ailments:- This is indeed the core reason as to why seniors are urged to exercise regularly.  The study shows that nearly eighty per cent of seniors worldwide are often detected with coronary heart ailments, and another seventy per cent already has had a heart attack. The probability of getting a heart attack and heart diseases is high as you continue to age. This is so due to many factors such as hardening of the arteries and body weakness. As you age your body begin getting weak and as a result, the heart ends up not being able to handle much of the workload.

Working out helps reduce the instances of you getting any heart disease in two ways. For starters, working out together with a proper diet helps improve your HDL cholesterol, and as a result, the amount of LDL cholesterol is reduced. The LDL cholesterol is responsible for clogging the arteries which result in a heart disease thus not good for the body. Secondly, working out helps strengthen the heart making it able to sustain and maintain existing workload. The heart is like any muscle in the body and thus needs to be strengthened for it to perform its functions.

Psychological advantages

Boosts confidence: - for quite some time, exercise has been known to be a stress reliever as it helps reduce feelings of depression or sadness. Through being active and having a sense of strength, it becomes easier for a seniors self-confidence to be boosted.

Enhances sleep: - For any person, regardless of the age, quality sleep is vital to his/her general wellness. Regular exercise has been known to help a person fall asleep quickly, soundly and when a person wakes up, he/she feels energetic as well as refreshed.

For you to continue staying healthy and fit there are some considerations you have to keep in mind even while you are working out. For starters, you have to always stay hydrated during your exercise regimen. You need to drink fresh and clean water. Secondly, there is no age fit for exercising or joining a workout program. For senior citizens who have not enrolled in an exercise program and they feel like its too late, there is still time for you to get into shape and have an active lifestyle. Lastly, always be cautious when exercising especially if you are a beginner. By doing this, further injuries will be avoided, and your exercise will be a success.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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