Workout involved in circuit training

Workout involved in circuit training

For a circuit training program to be deemed valid and accurate, it has to encompass total body exercise. This means that endurance activities, e.g., cycling, strength training, and flexibility have to be implemented within the program. For quite some time, strength training has been known to help keep a person’s muscle strength while flexibility workouts help in preventing injuries and that is why seniors are highly recommended to undertake these workouts, Circuit training involves numerous stations where workouts are repeatedly completed with minimal or no rest between stations. Many people tend to think that circuit training can only be performed by a younger person something that is not the truth as anyone can perform it despite their age. Moreover, the routines involved in this training can be customized depending on one’s fitness level. Below are some of the exercises incorporated within a circuit training program.

Endurance exercise

 According to health experts, the best cardiovascular exercises for the elderly entail low-impact workouts such as swimming and walking. It is vital that one begins with a light exercise program to make sure the body does not break down or any complications arise. Due to the delicate nature of their bodies, seniors are always advised to start slow and gradually increase their daily workouts. All these workouts undertaken under a trained trainee should not at any one instance cause chest pain or make you feel dizzy. If this happens, you are to stop the exercise and visit a doctor for further checkup. If you intend to integrate cardiovascular exercises into your current circuit training routine, you can walk or jog for up to five minutes before you begin your next circuit.

Seated Row

This type of exercise is often done using a seated row machine where one is required to keep your back straight and chest up. Next, you have to hold the one handle or each side, pull back and let your elbows be behind you. Later, squeeze your shoulder blades together and after three counts, exhale. Slowly, go back to your initial position and repeat the exercise.

Chest press

This type of exercise is performed when one lies supine on a flat bench when both feet are still on the floor. When doing this, you are required to engage your abdominal muscles while you let your lower back be pressed into the bench. In each hand, hold a dumbbell and let your arms out. At a 90-degree angle, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbell to your ears. Lift the dumbbells into the air simultaneously and return them to the initial position while you exhale and inhale when bringing them down.


In any physical fitness program, stretching is compulsory as it helps in increasing a person’s range of motion while preventing injuries as well as cramping. Fitness experts recommend that stretching exercises be conducted at least thrice consecutively, and with time, the exercises can be done a bit further. It is also highly recommended that throughout the stretching process, a person breath.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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