Workout tips for beginners


Most beginners, as well as individuals who had fallen off the workout wagon, find it hard to begin an exercise regimen. You might be tempted to jump into daily workouts all with the intention of making up for lost time. However, this is not recommended as it may lead to misery, injury or even soreness on some of your body parts. Some people believe that the only exercise they require is cardio only. They start giving excuses such as they will gain more weight or get bulky. This is not correct as it’s tough for a human beings body to begin gaining muscle even for a male with the right amount of testosterone. If you are planning to begin working out, remember lifting weights is better when it comes burning extra calories, building muscle tissue and making you stronger. Are you by any chance feeling overwhelmed and wonder where to start? The first step before anything else is to understand the basics of what you plan to do as this will help you formulate a proper and effective workout schedule that will meet your goals.

Though any exercise is healthier than no exercise at all, strength training is a vital component in any exercise regimen due to its numerous benefits. For starters, it helps burn more calories present in your body. Fitness experts argue that muscles are often more metabolically dynamic as compared to fat. This means that the more muscles you have the more fat your body burns every passing day. Secondly, lifting weights helps avoid injuries.

One way you can improve your stamina is by working with your present health issues. For instance, if by any chance you have a hip replacement recently; marathons will not be a good fit for you. Seniors are always advised to discuss with their health experts on what works well with their current health. Additionally, it’s important to choose activities that you like as this will make the entire experience worthwhile. If you begin forcing yourself on activities that you don’t like, it will be hard for you to attain your intended goal.

 Moreover, it will do you no good, and the chances of you dropping from the program are high. Your exercise regimen should entail one activity that you can do anywhere as this means that even if you travel for a vacation or business trip, you can still undertake the activity without any difficulties. By doing so, you will have increased your stamina and achieve your intended goal. You can also opt to find an exercise partner or enroll in an organization that facilitates exercise activity. Having a partner, you can exercise with will help keep you motivated and energized thus increasing your stamina. Despite everything you decide to do, have fun while undertaking your workout training as this will play a vital role in improving your endurance.

At all times, always make sure your body is relaxed and relived before beginning your workout. Stretching can be one way to keep your body relaxed and wormed up or taking a walk.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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