Workout tips for older adults with limited mobility

Workout tips for older adults with limited mobility

Workout tips for older adults with limited mobility


As we age, staying active is a vital component of safeguarding our overall well being. However, this is easier said than done as older adults find it challenging to stay active due to various challenges such as mobility as well as chronic health complications. With proper guidelines, it is possible for any senior citizen despite the age begins enjoying the advantages that come with body and brain-boosting exercises. If you are a senior with a mobility issue and you are wondering where to begin, here are some few guidelines to help you through

Begin slowly

It is typical for ay individual despite their age to get excited when it comes to starting a new exercise program. However, this can be a recipe for failure especially for senior adults as inactive bodies require some time to adjust to movement again. Overdoing a new fitness regimen can not only cause burnout but also bring about injuries which affect a person’s mobility. If this happens, the chances of the senior's mental state being effect are high. It is necessary that older adults avoid undertaking too many workouts at once and start slowly with their limited mobility programs. Physicians argue that small changes can go a long way in developing a foundation for significant changes that can be incurred with time. Before undertaking any new workout program, older adults need to first check-in with their healthcare providers who might help offer guiltiness on how to get started.


Seniors Workout regularly

If by any chance you want to enjoy the benefits that come with working out, then you should be ready to work out every day. Committing to habitual workouts bring about positive results such as enhancing one’s mood, improves energy levels, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and controls one’s weight. People think that working out entails going to the gym which is false as a thirty-minute walk can yield positive results. However, this is only possible for the younger generation as older adults can only manage to walk for just five minutes. For such people especially seniors suffering from limited mobility, daily efforts can help achieve the intended goal.

It’s one thing to move your body every day, and it’s utterly another different thing to move it in the right way. This is the reason as to why fitness classes have been established to help senior individuals are performing the intended type of exercise accurately. A physical therapist or personal trainers who have experience with working with seniors can play a significant role in offering partnerships for older adults aiming at improving their mobility. Many people especially senior individuals try to add workouts to their daily regimen but fail. To avoid this pitfall, it is essential that older adults regard exercising as a habit and not a hobby. A senior can make exercising a habit through starting small and later get attached to the workouts. Most seniors prefer working out in the mornings and thus can easily stay on track. Moreover, undertaking exercises that one enjoys also helps one embrace working out.


Written by Barbara Ailstock

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