Perfect Workday Schedule - By Adding Some Jerry Springer

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Perfect Workday Schedule - By Adding Some Jerry Springer


I was once asked what would be “My Perfect Business Day.”  I had to think hard on this and evaluate my ideal day.  What I came up with was a collaboration of my perfect day at different points in my life: college, as a contractor, and now.

I went to a small Lutheran University in Columbus, Ohio.  My first semester there I didn’t have any classes scheduled until noon.  My day would consist of going to the cafeteria for breakfast, then watching some Jerry Springer, working out, then going to class. 

As a contractor, I would work hard for nine months each year then be out of work for three months due to the cyclical nature of construction.   I had a strict routine during my off season.  First, I would go to the gym, watch Jerry Springer, then my day would start at noon. 

Today’s perfect work day would be me dropping my son off at school, going to the gym, watching Jerry Springer, then doing some business work. 

It appears that I work better, or have more enjoyment in my workday, when I start my day with the gym and Jerry.  I need to work on bringing these two back into my schedule.

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