Berry's Barbell Fitness Equipment Columbus, Ohio

Berry's Barbell Fitness Equipment Columbus, Ohio

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Berry’s Barbell and Fitness Equipment Company was a family owned business that has been a part of the Columbus, Ohio culture since 1983. Family owned for the past 36 years, Berry’s provided specialty fitness equipment to commercial businesses across Ohio.


We are sad to see that they have had to shut down, and their services will be missed, so we would like to take a moment to highlight what Berry’s Barbell Fitness Equipment had to offer.


Cardio Equipment

Nearly every form of cardio implementation was offered by Berry’s Barbell, including rowers, treadmills, and Stair Master. You could have filled your gym purely with cardio equipment while still providing variety for any user. Items came packaged in commercial bundles, as well as single item sale.


Notable brand names included Jacobs Ladder, Bodycraft Fitness, Helix ellipticals, Ader, Solid Bar Fitness, and more. The quality of equipment was top notch but will now be replaced by the likes of Fitnex and SteelFlex cardio machines


Mixed in with their cardio machine selection was a multitude of free weights, ropes, and boxes that could aid in your aerobic training.


Free Weights and Other Implements

From kettlebells to dumbbells, plyo boxes and ropes, bumper plates of all sizes, Berry’s Barbell Fitness Equipment had a package for your commercial gym. With providers such as Troy Barbell & Fitness, Berry’s was an affordable way to stock a gym with a large quantity of free weights.


The selection didn’t stop with the weights though. There were power racks, squat rack, rack attachments (for dips stations), plate trees and benches. All the lifting essential were covered; wall to wall, floor to ceiling, any lifting implement your commercial space needed Berry could provide.


These products helped fitness enthusiasts from around Columbus get their pump in and build some serious strength. These items are not lost forever though, as we have stocked all your free weight needs. Included in our selection are medicine balls, padded boxes, strongman implements, barbells, racks, benches, and much more. Check out the collection here


Specialized Fitness Equipment

Berry’s Barbell was not afraid to advertise to the “niche” customer in a wide fitness market. From selling “CrossFit”” equipment to displaying name brand specialized items, such as Body-Solid, this company tried to offer it all. Want some cable machines? Berry had it. Want to set up a Yoga studio? Berry had you covered. Are you a functional fitness gym that wants to provide killer WoDs for your customers? Berry had you there too.


Each corner of the fitness industry was represented in Berry’s warehouse. We now have the pleasure of filling those corners by offering a wide variety of pin select cable machines, attachments, WoD equipment and functional trainers that will meet your needs.



The fitness guru’s of today preach about the recovery process and its importance in a solid fitness program. Well Berry’s heard their message and added Rumble Roller to their list of providers before heading out of town. Mobility tools weren’t the only accessory items Berry’s offered though. There were belts, gloves, chalk, grips, wraps, straps, bands… The list went on.


Accessory items are just as important as the lifting or cardio implement. That is why we have increased our inventory. Don’t let the closure of Berry’s Fitness Equipment in Columbus, Ohio deter your lifting ability. Grab a new belt or stand in wedding ring here, and get back to your training program pronto.


Berry’s Barbell Fitness Equipment in Columbus, Ohio had it all your needs to stock a commercial gym. If price was an issue, Berry’s even had a way to help you out in this department.


Financing and Clearance

With used items placed on clearance and financing offered through SpringLeaf (now OneMain), Berry’s wanted to make sure your commercial space could have the equipment it needed. We want to take care of you the same way.

Berry’s Fitness Equipment had been supplying Columbus and the greater Ohio area with commercial and personal gym equipment for decades. This company sought to meet every gym’s needs and find a way to keep your business stocked. Quality equipment provided with quality service was at the forefront of every transaction made with Berry’s Fitness Equipment, and we are thankful for that. Their closure has created a large gap to fill, but Ohio Fitness Garage is ready to face this challenge.


For all those Berry’s Fitness fans out there we implore you to check out our commercial equipment, free weights, accessories, financing options, and a whole lot more over in our shop. The closure of Berry’s Fitness Equipment doesn’t have to mean an end to your fitness needs; we aim to provide an even higher standard of quality equipment and service to help your gym thrive.


In The News

Accorfding to the Better Business BureauOn April 2, 2019, BBB found the website stated in part "CLOSED Unfortunately, we have had to make the decision to permanently close our physical and online stores." and BBB received a communication from a former owner of the business stating the business closed on March 22, 2019."

Business First MARCH 23, 2015 "Frank & Diane Cheatham
Owners at Berry's Barbell and Fitness Equipment Co.Berry's Barbell is celebrating the "Passing of the Baton"! Frank & Diane Cheatham are semi-retiring and introducing the new president John Esson. After serving the Central Ohio area for over 31 years, Diane, a Realtor, is focusing on her rapidly growing business. Frank continues as an ER medic."

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