Chair exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

Chair exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

Chair exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

For quite some time, workouts have been known to impact people lives positively regardless of what age an individual. The elderly with limited mobility have not been left behind as with proper exercise; they can still enjoy the benefits that come with exercising. Health experts argue that for cases where disability or age becomes the hindering factor, living an active life is essential.


Such individuals need to be able to enjoy the mind and health-boosting impacts that are brought about by living an active life.  Regular workouts are known to help improve self-esteem, reduce the risk of falling, relieve stress and reduce depression for the elderly population. Mobility issues do bring about numerous challenges, but all these can be overcome by using seated chair exercise that benefits seniors with limited mobility. Here are some of the perfect chair exercises a senior with limited mobility can undertake.

Seated row

Seated row is very common and its known to help exercise the upper back as well as the chest muscles. In this type of chair exercise, the senior adult is required to sit on the edge of the chair that will help in offering an enhanced range of motion. Later, the older adult needs to hold the arms out toward the front while the elbows are bent and thumbs positioned toward the ceiling. While standing, the spine needs to be kept straight, and head lifted. The senior adult is to sit and repeat the same procedure almost ten times.

Seated tummy twist

This type of exercise was formulated to help in working the core muscles and can only be done if the older adult is sitting in a good posture. The individual is required to hold a ball using both his/her hands while the elbows are bent. Slowly, the older adult is to move the torso to the left comfortably while ensuring the rest of the body is still. Later, the torso is to be rotated back to the middle and moved to the right. One set consists of two twists and beginners are required to undertake eight sets each.

Overhead arm raises

The core objective of this type of exercise is to strengthen the shoulders as well as arms. It begins with an older adult sitting in a sturdy armless chair and both his/her hand contains 1-pound weights. While the feet are flat on the floor and the back if straight, the older adult bends his/her arms slowly and raises the weights above the head. Before lowering them he/she should pause for a while and then lower. This procedure is to be repeated nearly eight to ten times.

Knee Lifts

Knee lifts aim at strengthening stomach muscles that are responsible for flexing the quads and the hips. These muscles are essential for every human being when it comes to sitting and standing thus needs to be enhanced. To undertake this exercise, seniors are required to lift the right knee moving towards the chest and then lowering the same knee back to the initial position. The motion is to be repeated using the same leg nearly ten times before shifting the next leg.


Written by Barbara Ailstock

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