Common barriers associated with elderly training

Common barriers associated with elderly training

Common barriers associated with elderly training

For many young people, exercise is all about attaining a good body shape that can wear any swim suit. However, this is not the case for many older people who view exercise as wastage of time and energy. As a result, many of the elderly end up not exercising and stop having an active lifestyle. Its right to say that exercise is vital for all older adults as lack of exercise can be unfavorable to their general well-being. Health experts have argued that despite the negative attitude of older people regarding fitness, there exist various legitimate barriers that tend to hinder their involvement in fitness training. With the presence of the barriers, some seniors end up losing their motivation and opt never to exercise. However, fitness trainers argue that these barriers can be overcome resulting in older people living an active life. Its partially important first for the older people to first consult with their doctors to ascertain if they are fit enough to undertake any exercise. Below are some of the common barriers that exist and the various ways they can be overcome them.

Distress and pain: many seniors have been heard saying that the reason behind them not exercising is due to uneasiness and discomfort. Back pain, lung disorder as well as sore knees can act as barriers and limit how often one exercise. Moreover, overweight can also affect your fitness regimen. These barriers can be overcome through talking with your healthcare provider regarding the symptoms your experience. Uneasiness and pain, on the other hand, can be managed through medication or physical therapy. For this to work, you have to work hand in hand with your therapist who will help by providing a variety of exercises that fit your functional and energy level. For instance, if you are suffering from chronic ailments such as arthritis or heart disease, you can benefit a lot form doing low exertion exercise or flexibility training. For those seniors whose discomfort is their core barrier, they can opt for water aerobics which helps in lessening the joint impact.

Predetermined income: for seniors with a fixed income, it can be difficult for them to enroll in a fitness class or have a personal trainer. As a result, seniors end up feeling unmotivated to exercise due to the lack of extra cash. However, this barrier can be overcome by undertaking another form of exercise that not need money such as walking. Waking has been known to offer a free option when it comes to staying active and is useful. You can opt to walk in a park, around the block or your house when you’re at home.

Additionally, performing household chores such as scrubbing the floors can help in keeping you fit. When cooking dinner, you can put on your favorite music and dance to the beat which is also another way of keeping you fit. Not having enough extra cash should not be an excuse for not to stay a healthy and active life. You can undertake various exercises that do not require you to pay a membership fee or enroll in a fitness class. Have faith in everything you do and keep yourself motivated at all times.

By Barbara Ann Ailstock


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