Protecting Children’s Fingers at Your Facility

Protecting Children’s Fingers at Your Facility

Protecting Children’s Fingers at Your Facility

I was recently at a gymnastics gym talking with an owner about an installation.  He informed me that earlier that week a child got his fingertip cut off in one of the doors. I am going to explain the layout of the facility, what caused the injury, and what equipment could have prevented this injury.


The facility is a new 11,000 square foot facility. It has dampening systems on all of the doors and the facility is equipped with entrance and exit doors that you have to push to exit. His facility is completely compliant with state and local safety measures.


When he told me that a child lost his fingertip, the first thing I thought of was that it had to have been removed on the hinge end.  The door can apply as much as 40,000 pounds per square inch of force on a finger at the hinge side.  But he informed me that the injury took place at the latch side of the door.  The child was exiting the area through the incorrect door.  The door swung closed and removed the fingertip beyond repair. 

The door closer dampening device wasn’t sufficient in protecting this injury.  On all door closers there is an area where you can adjust how the device operates. A door should swing fast to close then slow down when it gets towards the latch. This will help to minimize injuries caused by door slams.


Another piece of equipment that can be installed is some form of pinch guard system on the hinge side. It is normally a piece of plastic or rubber that prevents kids from sticking their fingers between the hinge and the frame. These are standard items in daycares.


By adding some extra safety devices, you can help protect yourself and your business from injuries caused by doors.  

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