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Carpet Bonded Foam

If you’re looking for high-quality foam products, gymnastics mats, tumbling mats, or other carpet bonded foam products, this article can help you find exactly what you need for your facility

Whether you’re purchasing foam flooring for a cheer program, gymnastics team, or tumbling program, choosing the correct product is vital to the success of your team.

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Every young gymnast looks forward to getting their first pair of grips. The kids tend to identify their need for grips with having arrived in the sport of gymnastics. However, the process of when to buy grips and what type of grips should be used can be a little confusing for parents.

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adults doing gymnastics, gymnastics for 18 and up, open gym gymnastics for adults -

Have you ever watched gymnastics on TV and thought, “I wish I could flip like that!” or, “I wish I was strong like that!” How about, “Man, I wish I had just a little of that flexibility!!” I know I would absolutely LOVE to flip again! So, what are we waiting for? Stop thinking about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t find a local adult gymnastics class and think about all of these reasons why you should!

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It’s not exactly a secret that gymnastics can be pretty risky business. The apparatus alone can be intimidating. Then start jumping, spinning, and flipping on that apparatus, and you have a potentially high-risk situation. Throw into the mix, gymnasts walking or running from event to event and coaches coming and going, and things can get even crazier. Below are some guidelines to consider for the safety of gymnasts, parents, and coaches alike.

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xcel gymnastics levels -

In 2013, USA Gymnastics created the Xcel program as a national competitive program that provides an alternative to the more well-known Junior Olympic program. Since it’s inception, gyms have implemented Xcel into their facilities in a number of different ways to best serve their athletes and their competitive programs.

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