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  I’d argue that the gymnast’s most important asset is his or her hands. Rough skin formation, calluses, bleeding, rips and tears in your hands are inevitable if you are a gymnast. This is because of the amount of time and pressure that your hand spends sliding and grinding against bars and grips. There are, however, a few things that you can do to decrease the amount of damage that your hands sustain, and speed up recovery when they are inflicted with such annoying barriers to progress. Product essentials There are products that are essential to the gymnast who struggles...

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Encyclopedia Britannica - Nov 2018 How wide is a gymnastics balance beam? The standard FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) width is 10 centimeters (3.94 Inches). An official beam has a convex shape.  The top and bottom width is 10 cm and the center are 13 cm (5.19 Inches) with a height of 16 cm (6.30 Inches).   What is the length of a competition balance beam?   A competition 5-meter beams length is 500 centimeters (196.85 inches (196-14/16”), or 16.40 feet (16 feet 4 and 14/16th of an inch).    Standard Balance Beam Height According to FIG there are 2 height requirements Olympic and Junior...

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Carpet Bonded Foam

If you’re looking for high-quality foam products, gymnastics mats, tumbling mats, or other carpet bonded foam products, this article can help you find exactly what you need for your facility

Whether you’re purchasing foam flooring for a cheer program, gymnastics team, or tumbling program, choosing the correct product is vital to the success of your team.

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Every young gymnast looks forward to getting their first pair of grips. The kids tend to identify their need for grips with having arrived in the sport of gymnastics. However, the process of when to buy grips and what type of grips should be used can be a little confusing for parents.

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Have you ever watched gymnastics on TV and thought, “I wish I could flip like that!” or, “I wish I was strong like that!” How about, “Man, I wish I had just a little of that flexibility!!” I know I would absolutely LOVE to flip again! So, what are we waiting for? Stop thinking about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t find a local adult gymnastics class and think about all of these reasons why you should!

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