5 Reasons Why You Should Do Gymnastics As An Adult

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5 Reasons Why You Should Do Gymnastics As An Adult


5 Reasons Why You Should Do Gymnastics As An Adult

Have you ever watched gymnastics on TV and thought, “I wish I could flip like that!” or, “I wish I was strong like that!” How about, “Man, I wish I had just a little of that flexibility!!” I know I would absolutely LOVE to flip again! So, what are we waiting for? Stop thinking about why you couldn’t or shouldn’t find a local adult gymnastics class and think about all of these reasons why you should!

1) Gain / maintain strength: One thing that gymnastics is known for is the requirement for athletes to have a tremendous amount of core strength. One thing most adults need to work on is core strength. Hmm…sounds like gymnastics could be a solution to a problem if we all start training a couple of days a week. We won’t walk away with Simone Biles’ abs, but we’ll at least have a stronger core.

2) Gain / maintain flexibility: Another key attribute of all gymnasts is freakish flexibility! As we age, our flexibility goes away fast if we don’t make a conscious effort to maintain it. Gymnastics is an awesome way to increase flexibility in adults because it allows you to build muscle AND increase flexibility all at the same time!

3) Gain / maintain balance and agility: I have just words for you on this point…balance beam! Even if you’re petrified of heights, you will learn to incredible balance, body awareness, and coordination on the low beams in an adult gymnastics class.

4) Increased energy and mental alertness: This is huge! As important as physical health is as we age, mental health is as or more important. Gymnastics challenges us mentally. It provides opportunities to conquer fears and to stimulate our brains. Most people don’t realize just how beneficial challenging our bodies can be for our brains. So, if you want to clear your head, sign up for adult gymnastics!

5) Fun!!!!! Okay, we all have to adult most of the time, and most of us wish we could just be kids again every now and then. Well, adult gymnastics allows you the opportunity to do just that. Leap, flip, roll, skip, jump, whatever you desire…gymnastics can make it yours again! And, bonus, you won’t look like a bully hogging the slide at your local park while trying to be a kid again. You’ll be in a class with other adults who are having fun right alongside of you.

Really, how often do we hear of senior citizens falling as they lose strength, flexibility, and balance. Gymnastics could be the miracle activity to help you maintain all of these things as you age. Adult gymnastics really can keep you young. So, what are you waiting for? Find a program and sign up today!



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