Bringing Gymnastics Practice Home

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Bringing Gymnastics Practice Home

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Bringing Gymnastics Practice Home

Once your child has been bitten by the gymnastics bug, their desire to flip, leap, spin, and roll often is hard to contain. One way parents can encourage their child's new-found passion is to purchase home gymnastics equipment that allows children to practice safely at home. Home gymnastics equipment can be a bit of an investment, so it’s important to know what your child will benefit the most from before spending all your hard-earned money on equipment that your child may not want or need.

Gymnastics Practice at Home Mats:

Mats should be at the very top of your home gym equipment priority list. Mats are great because they are versatile and can be used for all skill ranges; they can be moved and configured to provide protection with additional equipment; and if your child ever loses their passion for gymnastics, mats can be used to encourage many other sports. Most importantly, no gymnastics equipment should ever be used without a mat underneath.

Gymnastics Rings for Home Use:

Gymnastics rings are the most affordable and portable of all gymnastics equipment. All you need at home is a place to hang them from. If you have a female gymnast, believe it or not, rings can benefit her too – heck, they can benefit the whole family really! Rings will develop upper body and core strength in any athlete regardless of age or gender.

Balance Beams for Home Use:

Once you’ve set your sights on some mats and maybe a set of rings to get you started, balance beams for girls, and mushrooms for boys are a great next step in your home equipment arsenal. Usually the balance beam sends cold chills of nerves and anxiety down parents’ spines, but purchasing a floor beam or a low beam for home will allow your gymnast to practice without the fear that’s generally associated with a full-sized beam. You even can purchase a wider beam to really set your mind at ease.

The mushroom is the precursor to, what is arguably the most difficult event in men’s gymnastics, the pommel horse. A mushroom usually is not too expensive, it’s not too big, it’s easy to store, and having one to practice at home will give your young gymnast an opportunity to refine their balance and upper body strength at home.

Setting the bar:

The final piece of home equipment that is most desired by young gymnasts is a bar. Finding a bar for at home is a little trickier than beams and mats. Bars tend to be bulkier, heavier, and the type of bar you purchase really matters. A lot of bars designed for home use are too small to practice much more than kips, back hip circles, front hip circles, and shoot-throughs. However, there are bar extenders and larger single rails you can purchase that should allow your child to progress at least a little past these basic skills. Make sure you really research the bar you’re planning to purchase to ensure it will support your child’s height and weight, and never, never allow your child to practice on their home bar without a thick mat underneath. Even the simplest skills can lead to injuries without the proper mats.


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