Flex Roll Carpet Bonded Foam Everything you Need to Know About

Flex Roll Carpet Bonded Foam Everything you Need to Know About



Carpet Bonded Foam

If you’re looking for high-quality foam products, gymnastics mats, tumbling mats, or other carpet bonded foam products, this article can help you find exactly what you need for your facility

Whether you’re purchasing foam flooring for a cheer program, gymnastics team, or tumbling program, choosing the correct product is vital to the success of your team.

What Is Carpet Bonded Foam?

Carpet bonded foam is a material designed to absorb high impact from tumbling, landing, jumping, and other athletic activities. It consists of two layers: a strong, durable foam layer and a high-grade carpet topper.

Unlike brands that offer two separate pieces – the foam and the carpet separately – carpet bonded foam delivers one cohesive material that meets all your product needs.

There are two types of foam to choose from. Standard foam is made from crosslinked polyethylene (PE), a dense, closed-cell foam designed to withstand high impact. The other material, Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam is the most commonly used material for athletic flooring equipment. This foam’s chemical formula creates essentially a foamed plastic/rubber blend, allowing for superior shock absorption, cushioning capability, and resilience.

Most manufacturers offer both foam choices in their carpet bonded foam products.

Products come standard in both traditional foam rolls or easy to use flex rolls, and vary in thickness depending on foam choice:


Foam composition

Product Dimensions

Thickness Available

Standard PE carpet bonded foam

1 roll = 6’ wide X 42’ long

1-3/8”  or  2”

Premium EVA carpet bonded foam

1 roll = 6’ wide X 42’ long

1-1/2”  or  2”


Pricing varies depending on the foam desired, thickness, and other factors. Find out more about the costs HERE.

Manufacturers and suppliers also accept custom orders and can provide you with foam products in nearly any dimensions you choose.

How Is Carpet Bonded Foam Made?

Until recently, many gym owners purchased foam and carpet separately and tried to bond them together using glue or other adhesives. This often resulted in twisted carpet and tears in the material, creating safety hazards for athletes.

Today, manufacturers rely on state-of-the-art heat bonding methods to ensure all products are strong, durable, and safe. During the manufacturing process, the foam is superheated, creating a permanent bond with the carpet layer. After cooling, the materials form one cohesive material, eliminating the possibility of wrinkling, bunching, tearing, or other unwanted and unsafe side effects.

Carpet bonded products are more affordable and easier to install than ever before. While distributors still offer traditional rolls of carpet bonded foam, newer flex rolls allow one person to easily set up or take down flooring, leaving more time to do the sports you love.

Ordering carpet bonded foam is also cost-effective. When it’s time to purchase new foam, you only have to replace one section at a time, eliminating the expense of replacing an entire floor at once.

Where to Use Carpet Bonded Foam

Carpet bonded foam mats can be used in a variety of locations and sports facilities, but are most commonly used in the following:

  • Gymnastics flooring, vaulting runways, and tumbling areas
  • Cheerleading flooring or tumbling surfaces
  • Foam pit floors, sides, and edges
  • Wall padding for exercise facilities or rock climbing gyms
  • Daycare facilities


Gymnastics and Carpet Bonded Foam Products

Carpet bonded foam mats can be used in a variety of athletic facilities, but are most often found in gymnastics and cheerleading gyms. Here, you can discover which products you’ll need to create a safe atmosphere for your athletes.

Gymnastics flooring specifications

According to USA Gymnastics (USAG) and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG), the floor exercise apparatus must meet detailed practice and competition dimension guidelines.

USAG standards require the floor exercise area to be 12 meters X 12 meters, or roughly 39’8” squared. In addition to this area, there must also be a 2-meter padded border area to prevent injury should a gymnast leave the boundary.


Fig Carpet Bonded Foam - Ohio Fitness Garage



USA Gymnastics

The flooring material must also be at least 3.5cm or 1 ¾” thick, but no more than 17.8cm or 7” thick. While a spring floor isn’t required at lower levels, it is encouraged, and a spring floor is required for upper levels.

Overall, your floor exercise area should be 42’ X 42’. That includes the competition area as well as the built-in safety border as required by USAG and FIG guidelines.

Most flooring products come in 42’ X 6’ rolls, making it easy to create a competition surface in no time at all. Simply purchase eight rolls of carpet bonded foam in your desired color and thickness, roll carpet bonded foam directly on top of the spring floor surface, and seam together using the included Velcro strips. That’s it!

You might also want to consider an angled foam border that gradually slopes the spring floor back to the ground level, preventing trips and falls at athletes and coaches enter and leave the floor exercise area.

Gymnastics vaulting specifications

Carpet bonded foam can also be used as a padding solution for the vault runway or tumbling track area.

USAG specifications state the vault runway must be no shorter than 72’ (60’ for lower levels) and no longer than 80’. The width must be at least as wide as the springboard.

Using carpet bonded foam rolls provides gymnasts a safe, shock-absorbent running surface that meets both USAG and FIG requirements.

USAG Tumbling

Carpet bonded foam is also a top choice in the USA Gymnastics Tumbling program. Depending on the athlete’s competition level, the foam surface must be 72’-84’ long, 6’ wide, and 1”-2” thick. Since our products come standard in 6’ widths, our flex rolls can easily be laid atop your spring tumbling surfaces to make tumbling areas meet USAG requirements.


Cheerleading and Carpet Bonded Foam Flooring

Cheer and Stunt sports are increasing in popularity in America. The National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) offers athletes the opportunity to compete nationwide through sanctioned events and school competitions.

The NCA Varsity organization, which oversees school cheer and stunt sports, requires competition areas to have a “Competition Area measuring 42’ deep by 54’ wide carpet-bonded foam floor.” Most suppliers offer 42’ X 6’ rolls, making competition set up a breeze.

Plus, the flex roll products mean less time setting up and taking down the competition area, leaving you more time to coach or practice.

Foam Pits and Carpet Bonded Foam

If you’re building a foam pit into your facility, you’re probably  aware that you’ll need high-quality foam blocks to fill your pit. But you also need to consider padding the bottom, sides, and edges of the pit for maximum safety.

Carpet bonded foam strips can be used to line the base and adhere to the walls of the pit, or you can choose a more traditional foam product base. Most importantly, consider ordering specialty pit edging made of carpet bonded foam to protect athletes from sharp edges and building materials

Each piece comes pre-cut in 6’ sections and can be attached with spray adhesive.


The Benefits of Ohio Fitness Garage Carpet Bonded Foam

We operate by the phrase, “customers should be treated like kings.” It’s our goal to offer you the best customer service in the country. Our products are superior in quality, craftsmanship, and service. We work tirelessly to make sure fitness facilities receive equipment that meets all their needs.

If you have questions about our business, our products, or want more information about your order, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to earning your business.





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