Questions to Ask Before Your Child Joins Gymnastics Team

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Questions to Ask Before Your Child Joins Gymnastics Team

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Questions to Ask Before Your Child Joins the Gymnastics Team

For many gymnasts, participating in gymnastics classes once or twice a week and enjoying the process of learning new skills is what makes them happy. However, there are those select kids who long to tryout for the team and who want to compete someday. As a parent, it can be both exciting and terrifying when your child expresses interest in competitive gymnastics. There definitely are some things you should know prior to allowing your child to try out for a team - here are the top three.

How many hours per week will my child train?

This is an important question because team kids can train anywhere from 4 to 35 hours per week. Now, in the beginning team levels, the hours are usually 9 to 12 hours a week depending on the gym and the program. However, it’s important to understand that as your child progresses through the levels, the time requirement will increase. Having this information up-front will help you avoid allowing your gymnast to fall in love with team only to realize it won’t work long-term with your schedule.

How much will it cost for my child to join team?

This is an equally important question because often, a child tries out for and makes a team only for the family to realize they can’t afford it. Make sure you ask about tuition, meet fees, coach’s fees, and apparel costs. This will add up throughout each season. Knowing all the associated costs up-front allows you to budget for the season as necessary.

Am I required to volunteer my time for fundraising or other events?

Most competitive gymnastics clubs have boosters or parent associations that the parents volunteer their time to support. This can be anywhere from a few hours a season to a few hours a week depending on your gym their requirements. As with costs, it’s good to understand your total obligation up front so you’re not blindsided as the season progresses.

If you get in-depth answers to these three questions, you’ll be on your way to entering the team world with your eyes wide-open. There is plenty more you will want to learn along the way, but these three will get you going in the right direction.


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