The Dimensions of Gymnastics Beams

The Dimensions of Gymnastics Beams

Balance Beam Dimensions - Ohio Fitness Garage

Encyclopedia Britannica - Nov 2018

How wide is a gymnastics balance beam?

The standard FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) width is 10 centimeters (3.94 Inches). An official beam has a convex shape.  The top and bottom width is 10 cm and the center are 13 cm (5.19 Inches) with a height of 16 cm (6.30 Inches).

Gymnastics Balance Beam Size - Ohio Fitness Garage


What is the length of a competition balance beam?  

A competition 5-meter beams length is 500 centimeters (196.85 inches (196-14/16”), or 16.40 feet (16 feet 4 and 14/16th of an inch).


 Standard Balance Beam Height

According to FIG there are 2 height requirements Olympic and Junior Olympic. In both standards the allowable variance is +/- 1 CM (.39 inches or 3/8”). Official beam height is measured from the floor not the top of the mat.   Olympic height is 125 centimeters (49.21 inches or 49-3/16”) and JR Olympic is any height between 100 to 125 CM (39-3/8” to 49-3/16”).

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