Xcel Gymnastics Requirements the USAG Program Explained

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Xcel Gymnastics Requirements the USAG Program Explained

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Xcel Gymnastics Requirements the USAG Program Explained

In 2013, USA Gymnastics created the Xcel program as a national competitive program that provides an alternative to the more well-known Junior Olympic program. Since it’s inception, gyms have implemented Xcel into their facilities in a number of different ways to best serve their athletes and their competitive programs.

Xcel Structure

Most gymnastics enthusiasts are already familiar with the Junior Olympic (JO) program consisting of levels 1-10. The Xcel program is similar, but a little different. In Xcel, there are five levels. These include;

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

The greatest difference between the Xcel program and the Junior Olympic program is that Xcel offers a competitive program from the basic levels all the way through advanced levels but does not require the same level of time and commitment required of JO athletes.

Xcel judging at all levels is a little more flexible than it is in the JO program. This is appropriate, as it accounts for the decreased amount of time Xcel athletes spend training when compared to JO.

Incorporating Xcel into Gymnastics Training Centers

The Xcel program has been a huge boost to training facilities around the country.  It allows gymnasts who love the sport, but don’t want to give up their social lives and other extracurricular activities to remain competitive, a less demanding, but equally satisfying option. These girls now have a choice to remain gymnasts without dedicating their entire lives to the sport.

Some clubs incorporate Xcel as a program completely separate from the JO program. This is where the girls decide they don’t want to dedicate as much time to the sport, so they go Xcel. Other clubs use Xcel as a launching pad. They identify gymnasts with talent. They train them through the levels of the Xcel program until they are ready to compete at an optional level in JO. From there, the gymnasts can compete in a couple of “move-up” meets in JO and go straight to optionals. Xcel also is used is a gymnast is struggling in JO. They may be moved to Xcel for a period of time to see if the break in intensity will help them improve without allowing them to lose skills or conditioning.

There are many ways that Xcel is used to make the gymnastics experience the happiest experience possible for athletes of all abilities and levels. This program has the gymnastics dreams of many, many athletes alive and given them a fun and rewarding opportunity to be successful in their sport, outside of the JO pipeline.


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