What to Expect on Your First Day of Gymnastics

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What to Expect on Your First Day of Gymnastics

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What to Expect on Your First Day of Gymnastics

A child’s first day of gymnastics can be exciting and scary all at the same time! As a parent, it can be nerve-racking anticipating what may be expected of your child. Hopefully, this overview of what to expect on your child’s first day will help ease your mind just a bit.

First things first – What to wear on the First Day of Gymnastics

Leotards are the most popular and the most desirable attire for gymnastics. Leotards allow coaches to help students perform skills without the danger of getting hands and fingers entangled in loose clothing. If your child prefers shorts or pants and a shirt, make sure they are free from zippers and buttons, and that they fit well enough that they won’t fall off during inverted skills. Also, make sure your child removes all necklaces, bracelets, or dangling jewelry prior to heading into practice. Finally, make sure your child’s hair is pulled back and out of their eyes throughout practice.

Nerves and Introductions

When you arrive at the gym, have your child take off their shoes and socks and wait in the designated area. The coach should call out your child’s class at the scheduled start time. Usually the coaches know when they have a new student and will introduce themselves when they call out the class. If your child is particularly shy, the coach may allow her to stand and observe for a while before gently encouraging her to join in activities. The coach should never force a scared child to participate in class, as this only reinforces their fears.

Learning New Skills

During class your child will be asked to practice the same skills as the other kids. If your child is not ready for a specific skill, the coaches either will spot your child until she is comfortable, or they will provide an alternate skill that is less intimidating. Each gym is structured differently, but your child should work on at least two of the four standard gymnastics apparatus during each practice session.

Coach's Feedback

When the class is over, the coach should walk your child out and talk to you about how her first day went in their class. They should let you know what her strengths are, as well as areas they will work to improve upon. Finally, the coach should let your child know that they are happy she joined the class tell her at least one good thing she did that day. If the class was good, your child should leave feeling happy, confident, and excited about gymnastics!

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