Alternative to a Plywood Pegboard


Creating a laminated plywood pegboard requires many tools such as: clamps, jigs, and saws.  But there is a way you can make a plywood pegboard without having to laminate plywood.  All you need is a LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).

What is a LVL

LVL is a structural construction beam that is made from assembling multiple layers of wood with an adhesive. They come in two types of cores: pine or hardwood. Some have a protective coating that can be sanded off.  Standard size 1-3/4” x 11-7/8”.

Where to find them

The local Home Depot does not typically carry LVLs, but they can be ordered.  I don’t suggest sourcing them this way. Home building package stores like Menards or 84 Lumber stock these items.  In my area, we have an 84 Lumber that has small pieces that can be purchased.  You can also look on Craigslist for people who have extra lumber.


Spending some time on sourcing an LVL can shave hours and cost off you making a plywood pegboard if you are limited on tools.

Making a pegboard out of an LVL is a great alternative to laminating a board yourself. 

Written by ( Robert Smith )

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